Littledale Farm

Breeding Stock for 2023:

All Subject to Availability

Lambing Season this year is mid-March to mid-May.

Purebred Scottish Blackface and North Country Cheviot breeding stock will be detrmined after lambing is complete.  Updates will be posted in early summer.

Crossbred Lambs:


   Cross bred ewes were bred

   by our Hybrid English Suffolk (59%)

   Ewe lambs and wethers.

Prices will be determined in early summer.

Draft Ewes - Scottish Blackface & North Country Cheviot ewes.

Older ewes will be evaluated after lambing and the number of draft ewes will be determined in early summer.  


  Scottish Blackface  and North Country Cheviot

  Please inquire in early summer.




  *    A 50% deposit is required to hold for a limited, agreed time 

  *    Delivery for 2023 lambs will start late summer 2023 and to

       be completed by the end of September 

  *   Certified Scrapie Free

  *   Footrot Free 

  *   Purchasers of our stock will receive a pedigree card of at

       least three generations with each animal 

  *   All our purebred animals are either registered or will be registered



Littledale sheep are bred and selected with a very high degree of care.

As such we expect them to be respected in their management,

husbandry and all transportation to their new homes.

All are grass or hay fed and do not require any supplemental feeds.

Littledale Farm is Flock Number WI41 in USDA

Scrapie Program:

Members of:

Scottish Blackface

Breeders Union  

American North Country

Cheviot Sheep Association

Wisconsin Sheep Breeders


American Sheep


Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association

Breeding Stock  2023


All available for immediate shipment

North Country Cheviot

Four lines of imported semen (2021) available - see details on this page.

Scottish Blackface

Limited quantity of G-4236 available.

$85 per straw.

Achentoul 10097


Armadale Winston


Calla Andy


Calla Andrew


North Country Cheviot Rams

Imported semen available for immediate shipment

$85 per straw