Littledale Farm

All Littledale border collies are Hill Dogs with rough coats and flop ears.  Their origins are England, Scotland and Wales and are all of working stock.  Our kennel currently includes Cash and Emma.

Colors are mostly traditional black & white with occasional silver-gray coats.  We also have had tricolor's and have produced many combinations from these lines.

Training facilities and help is offered to those  who may wish to start herding or practice on different sheep breeds, with a wide range of pasture and flock sizes being available.

Each year we present several sheepdog demonstrations.  Please contact us if you would like more information - we especially  like to demonstrate the working abilities of our dogs at Littledale to school groups etc.

We are founding members of Wisconsin Working Stock Association who provide stock dog clinics and trials throughout the year.

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs were aquired in 2011. Oscar joined us in 2022 and is in training. He is  friendly to people and other dogs.

Gallery of Talented Border Collies we have known:

Line 1. Shep and Bess - our first Border Collies - Benny and Pumba on watch - Hector and Gracie with puppy Cash

Line 2. Rosie (worked for everyone) - Nell, sweet - Ellie in charge - Jimmy, a gentle friend

Line 3. Don, a faithful friend - Kyle, talented (a gray dog) - Kyle and Ellie at Milwaukee Scottish Festival - Sim (handsome)

Line 4. Maggie (keen) -  Tommy in charge - Emma in training

Border Collies and Livestock Guardian Dogs

Greenholme Shep - our first Border Collie

CASH & EMMA on the job