Littledale Farm

Stage I - Working inside approx. 75 ft. diameter fenced circle with 3 to 5 sheep OR in an open field with a larger group of sheep.  

  FIRST- Allow dog to work without any commands or     

       directions so handler can assess the dogs natural ability before

       introducing the formal direction commands:

b.   BACK - pushing dog back from stock onto its balance point.

      Dog should circle in either direction (using BACK command)  

      and fix its balance point.

c.    DOWN - dog should come to a complete halt or lie down.

d.   THAT'LL DO - Dog should come freely off stock (recall).

Stage II - Working dog with 5 or more sheep. Dog is to learn the following:

Short outrun (approximately 20 yds.)

Stop behind sheep (well back)

Lift (slow, easy, yet powerful)

Fetch (fetching sheep from point of lift to handler)

Stage III -  Dog is to learn to do the following:

Side commands

COME BYE - clockwise direction around sheep

AWAY TO ME - counter clockwise direction around sheep

WALK UP - teach dog to move stock at an easy pace

THERE - dog should stop and stand in position, keeping control

Driving - teach dog to follow stock away from handler

Stage IV -  Dog is to learn to do the following:

Long pear-shaped outrun

Steady, even lift



Pen - putting stock inside an 8' x 8' pen

Shed- dividing or separating stock using dog.

Stock Dog Training


Outrun - The dog leaves your feet, either to your left or right, in a pear-shaped course to throw himself out around the stock without getting too close so as not to disturb them.


Lift -  At the end of the outrun, the act of starting the stock on the fetch.  The way your dog approaches should be a slow easy pace, testing your dogs power and balance.


Fetch - Bring the stock to the handler.

Drive - Move the stock away from the handler at a slow even pace.

Balance Point - The position of the dog at which he has control of the stock.