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SCOTCH MULES are typically bred in harsh Scottish conditions. They are the progeny of the most numerous breed in Britain, the hardy adaptable Scottish Blackface. Their sire is the super-prolific milky Bluefaced Leicester. This hybrid combination produces a crossbred COMMERCIAL EWE,  ideal for today’s sheep industry.

The Mule ewe is PROLIFIC, HARDY and MILKY with wool that is soft and lustrous with the added strength and spinability of the hill breed.

CHEVIOT MULES are also typically bred in hill country. They are the progeny of the thrifty North Country Cheviot ewe and the Bluefaced Leicester sire. This hybrid combination is a high performance ewe ideally suited to cost-effective prime lamb production.

By definition a MULE SHEEP is only bred from the Bluefaced Leicester ram on a purebred ewe of another pure breed. Cross breeding to produce hybrid maternal ewes is far more successful because genetic factors add to the cross traits of hardiness, prolificacy and carcass quality. The Mule is now the UK’s premier crossbred COMMERCIAL EWE and the Mule wool accounts for 20% of the UK’s wool clip.

There is a wide variety of crossing sires available and many have been tried and used to produce rapid growing lean lambs. Today in the UK, about 50% of the genes of British lamb production comes from the Suffolk terminal sire and 10% from other Down breeds (Hampshire, Dorset, Oxford etc) with the balance coming from Hill breeds. The correct selection of a terminal sire is very important for the production of high quality lean lamb and while the Suffolk is the most popular breed for early maturity, fertility and leanness of meat, there is much competition from other breeds such as the Texel and a Suffolk x Texel.

Mules at Littledale are mated to a hybrid English Suffolk terminal sire "Littledale Suffolk" and typically produce twins.  The lambs are fast growing on mothers milk and grass only, and are best slaughtered at between 75 and 90 lbs live weight.

For 2018 we have introduced a TEXEL terminal sire.

Mule Sheep and English Suffolk Terminal Sires

“Littledale Suffolks”

Typical Bluefaced Leicester Ram - Sire of the Mule

Scotch Mules

Cheviot Mule

Littledale Hybrid Suffolks

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